Universal Energy

Universal Energy Training

Universal Energy Teaching Spiritual Human Yoga
Practitioner’s training qualifications:
To be at least 14 years of age regardless of gender, nationality, religion, occupation or educational background.

General practices:
While attending U.E. classes, alcoholic consumption is prohibited. The students will be able to apply this teaching for his/her own benefit and/or to help other human beings from suffering of physical and mental disorders.
The more compassion, kindness and mercy on the part of the practitioner in giving treatment to others, the better will be the outcome of the treatment.

Duration of each class:
Level 1-5, 1-2 days
Level-5.1&5.2, 1-2 days
Level 6, 1-2 day
Level-7 & Level-7 Special, 2-3 days
Level (I & II) Latent Abilities Development 1-2 days
Level (III) Latent Abilities Development 2-3 days

The Foundation for Training in Universal Energy (F.T.U.E.) presently conducts at headquarters. .

LEVEL 1: At this beginning class the students will have their Chakras (Major Nerve Points). Upon the completion of the class, the students will be able to attract the flow of Universal Energy into the body by practicing the Breathing Exercise.

LEVEL 2: At this intermediate class the students will be continuing the practice of the daily Breathing Exercise. It is mandatory for the students to attend the Level 3 following the completion of Level 2.

LEVEL 3: Upon the completion of the theoretical part given by a qualified Instructor, the students will have their Chakras opened 100% by the right person who is recommended by Master Luong Minh Dang. After the Chakras are opened 100%, the students can help people many types of ailments ranging from minor to severe cases.

LEVEL 4: The Qualified Instructor teaches more about the capacity and applications of the C6 (Chakra 6). In particular, the students will learn about the technique of Spinning Chakras.

LEVEL 5: The Qualified Instructor teaches and updates the treatment techniques. Also, the students learn about the method of communicating with the Master by thought for guidance and help.

The students after completion LEVEL 5. They receive a certificate Basic Level in Universal Energy.


LEVEL 5.1: The Qualified Instructor teaches the technique of healing by using C6 (or sometimes referred to as “remote healing”). At this level, the student’s treatment capability is enhanced and not restricted by space-time factor. At any time and whether the patient is in another city or in a different country, there is no problem. The student can still use his/her C6 to treat effectively.

LEVEL 5.2: The Qualified Instructor provides additional guideline for the technique of healing and other useful C6 applications. Also, the students learn more about spiritual topics

LEVEL 6: The students learn a better and more effective technique of healing.

LEVEL 7: The students learn about the technique of healing and applications with the Double Pyramids. Also, the students learn more about the Path of Spiritual Development.

LEVEL 7 Special is a further extension of the level 7, in which all subjects will be more and more integrated.

The students after completion LEVEL 7 Special (5 levels more than BASIC COURSE). They receive a certificate Intermediate Level in Universal Energy.


The Advanced Level consists of 2 parts, the former levels 11 through 13++. i.e.

PART 1 .
Level 11, 12 & 13 (Level Latent Abilities of the Human Brain) consist of 3 Levels. The students will learn to use the hidden capacities of their brain. Besides that they will start to use the highest sources of energy.

PART 2 .
Level 13+ teaches the application of the highest sources of energy to help body and soul of all living beings up to the level of the smallest cells in our body.

Level 13++ finally gives students the capacity to use the Brain of the Original Man. When students succeed in realizing Unity between body and soul, students can reach the state of Enlightenment and Wisdom.
After completion student receive a certificate Advanced Level in Universal Energy.

After the Advanced Level (Level III) graduate and postgraduate levels are given. It is also possible to obtain universitary degrees at the Open University of Colombo like MD (TM) or PhD, after writing a thesis.

Everybody can participate in these seminars if you have completed the preceding levels.
There is no obligation what soever to follow the courses. Everybody decides personally how many levels they wish to follow.