Universal Energy

Course & Development

Following from many organizations and high-ranking officials of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Uniited Nations (UN) human Rights Organizations, the teaching of Universal Energy with its currentofficialandcomplete name as “MankindEnlightenmentLove” founded by Prof. Dr. Sir Luong Minh Dang in 1989, has more than 100 Centers operating in more than 70 Countries and approximately 2 million students from every professions, ages, races, nations, languages, cultures, religions, faiths. This teaching has all the criteria, characteristics, objectives and benefits to be considered by WHO and the United Nations International Human Rights Organizations as a field of study for mankind, in order to serve and provide more benefits for humans in many aspects: health, body, mind, community, spirituality, etc.

Evidently, at the present time Universal Energy Healing is officially a member of Medicina Alternativa Institute, affiliated with the Open International University for Complementary Medicines in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and recognized as the Faculty of Universal Energy Healing. With its characteristics and name, Universal Energy Healing met all the necessary criteria and requirements to become an official member of the World Health Organization according to the definitions, criteria and goals of the WHO, which is an international organization that aims to help human health with the benefits based on the fundamental rights, freedom and equality, following the Constitution of Human Rights of the United Nations.

He has spread his teachings worldwide, starting in the USA, and expanding to many countries in Europe and Asia. For Thailand, Master Dang made his first visit to teach the first Level-4 class of over 2,000 Thai students from October 19-21 1995 at the Thailand Cultural Center in Bangkok. This first class was made on the invitation of General Kasem Naparswad, the President of the Foundation for Training in Universal Energy (F.T.U.E.). Since then, he has come to Thailand many times to teach the higher levels including the first U.E. Level-6 in the world, which was also organized by F.T.U.E with a limited number of 148 students from 18 different nationalities. This Level-6 class of 15 days was held at Cumsaed River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.